Organic Premium Matcha
Organic Premium Matcha
Organic Premium Matcha
Organic Premium Matcha
Organic Premium Matcha

Organic Premium Matcha

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This 100% organic, ceremonial-grade matcha is a must try for any matcha lover!

Organic matcha is quite rare in Japan, and when we first tasted this sample we were blown away by how smooth and aromatic this matcha was.

Lower grade matcha is quite easy to spot – it's colour is usually less vibrant, and inching more towards a mix of yellow and green, rather than vibrant green. It will also be quite bitter, astringent and flat.

Not this one.

It passes all tests with flying colours – it's perfectly balanced, smooth, with a dynamic flavour profile that ends with a sweet finish.

The leaves of this high-grade ceremonial matcha come from a single estate in southern Kagoshima, and are selected by the skilled tea masters of Koga Cha Gyo in Yame.

Tea Profile

🗺 Origin – Kagoshima, Japan
📆 Season – 2021
🏔 Elevation – N/A

Tasting Notes

Creamy, slight hint of bitterness with a sweet finish. Notes of fresh cut grass, umami, artichoke, hint of hazelnut.

How to Brew

Matcha is prepared differently from other teas. Proper matcha preparation will require you to have a matcha bowl (chawan), bamboo matcha whisk (chasen), and a bamboo matcha scoop (chashaku). If you don't have specialized matcha equipment – that's also fine, anyone can enjoy matcha with simple household alternatives to the above items. The basics are as follows:

You will need 70-80 °C water. Depending on if you want to make thin or thick matcha, you'll need 40ml of water or 70ml, respectively. Combine the two in a bowl, and whisk until frothy and all of the matcha powder is dissolved. Enjoy!