About Us

Teahead’s seeds were first planted in the hot summer months of 2014 in Oxford, England. It was on those sunny cobblestone streets and shady pubs that the ethos and philosophy of Teahead manifested itself, through the friendship between two young students. Some years later, the mutual love of learning, exploring and enjoying top-quality tea sparked the idea of sharing tea culture with fellow Canadians.

In the year 2021, the acceptance of low-quality, commodity tea seems unacceptable to us. Commodity tea does not only hurt the person enjoying it, but it does a tremendous disservice to the rich cultural heritage of tea itself, from its millennia-old traditions, to its history going forward. Teahead understands that true tea can be so much more than just a hot cup of steeped Camellia Sinensis leaves; tea can soothe the mind and soul, and help you fully enjoy the ever elusive present moment.

Our mission is to change what you thought tea was, to show you what it could be. Whether you are a newcomer, an aficionado, or a total teahead – our obsession with the quality, philosophy and history of tea will open your door to the best tasting teas and tisanes from around the world.

Welcome to Teahead. We hope you enjoy your stay.