Teahead Tea Set
Teahead Tea Set
Teahead Tea Set
Teahead Tea Set

Teahead Tea Set

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Style Teapot + Fairness Cup + 4 Cups

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This is the 'Classic' Teahead Collection, all handcrafted white porcelain with the signature 'Teahead Blue' undulating waves.

This set contains everything a tea lover needs to enjoy loose leaf tea by themselves or with fellow teaheads, and lets you choose a Gaiwan or Teapot as your steeping medium.

Gaiwan: The open and glazed surfaces of a porcelain gaiwan allows the tea to be viewed while it brews, while the lid prevent the altering of the aroma or taste during the brewing process. Because the porcelain absorbs the heat of the water, it is especially suited for delicate teas like greens or whites.

Teapot: Perfect for more full-bodied teas and tisanes like blacks and oolongs or herbal infusions. The smooth pouring action ensures that your water carries as much oxygen as possible when leaving the pot and entering your cup, further enhancing your tea's flavor.

This beautiful set is a must have for anyone who wants peak enjoyment from their leaves and is not willing to compromise flavour or beauty in their tea pursuits.

Teapot: 250ml

Gaiwan: 150ml

Fairness cup: 150ml

Cups: 50ml